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Dog Training and Behavioural Products and Equipment

All the dog training and behavioural products we sell are intended to

complement our dog and puppy German Shepherdtraining services. They will help with the continued training and development of your dogs education and behaviour problems. We only sell products that we have tried, tested and use ourselves. These are the products we recommend in our everyday dog and puppy training and behaviour sessions.

Kong Dog and Puppy Toys - Training Aids

Kong Wobbler

The Wobbler is a KONG-shaped food dispensing toy and feeder that

sits upright until pushed with a dog’s paw or nose, then Kong Dog and Puppy Toys - The Wobblerdispenses food as it wobbles, spins and rolls.

The unpredictable movement keeps the toy challenging, even for seasoned Wobbler users. Use the Wobbler as an alternative to a dog bowl and to help extend mealtime and exercise your dog.

  • Made of FDA food-approved, high-strength, plastic polymer.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Top screws off from bottom for easy filling.
  • Comes in two sizes: Small (up to 12kg Dog), Large (12kg Dog and over).
  • Small = 15cm High (approx.), Large = 19cm High (approx.).

Kong Wobbler Size Options

 Sumo Dog Training and Behaviour Products

Sumo Play

 Sumo Play Dog Training and Behaviour Products

Because of its unusual shape Sumo Play bounces in all sorts of unexpected directions. This creates a surprise effect which your dog can't resist. It stimulates his mental alertness and gives your dog some healthy exercise. The high quality rubber Sumo Play toy is fabulous for keeping your dog fully entertained when he has to be alone at home.

Tip: You can fill the Sumo Play toy with his food which is challenging to remove. It helps to make your pet's stay alone more enjoyable and keeps him busy, entertained and rewarded.

Sumo Play Dog Training and Behaviour Products

Sumo Play Dog Training Toys - Sizes and Colours Available

Sumo Fit

Sumo Fit Dog Training and Behaviour Products

It's your dog's natural behaviour to want to hunt. The

Sumo Fit toy helps you to respond to this in a fantastic

way. You can take your dog out to play throw and fetch with a Sumo Fit toy, for instance. This gives your dog the required movement and exercise, simultaneously improving the relationship between you and your dog. An entertained dog that has satisfied its natural desire to hunt will have less need to chase other pets, birds and wildlife, joggers and cyclists.

Sumo Fit Dog Training and Behaviour Products

Sumo Fit Dog Training Toys - Colours Available

Sumo Team

Dogs really love to do things together with their owners
and to work as a team. The Sumo Team toy is designed
so that you can play actively with your dog and improve
mutual respect and trust. Successful toy interaction encourages
cooperation between you and your dog. This
promotes good control and obedience without the need
for any force. It actively encourages the very best relationship
for you both! Attention: The rings are developed to
be used in pull games so that your dog can use his molars.
The rubber ball section can be chewed on for a while as
reward for his good behaviour. The ball section is for both
reward and to assist with good dental care.

Sumo Team Dog Training Toys - Colours Available

DAP Electric Diffuser and DAP Spray 60mlD.A.P - Dog Appeasing Pheromone

The D.A.P "dog appeasing pheromone" is naturally released by all lactating mammals to comfort and reassure their offspring. In dogs, the canine appeasing pheromone has not only been shown to help puppies, but also have a comforting influence on adult dogs helping them to be more resilient and cope appropriately with change.

What is D.A.P. ?

D.A.P. is a synthetic copy of the natural canine appeasing pheromone proven to help support dogs in a range of stressful situations.

D.A.P. is canine specific, odourless, non-sedative, non-systemic and can be used along side all other types of medication.

DAP Collars - Small and LargeProven
• For puppies – D.A.P. is shown to help puppies settle in a new home and to have significant positive effects on puppy socialisation. Fitting a D.A.P. collar to puppies fro 6-16 weeks helps puppies develop into confident, well behaved adult dogs and significantly reduces the likelihood of anxiety-related conditions developing in later life.
• For adult dogs – D.A.P. has also been shown to help dogs cope in kennels, during re-homing and in a range of other stressful situations such as during firework exposure and car travel.

Has been used by behaviourists, veterinary experts and welfare charities for the last 10 years.

D.A.P. is available in three easy to use formulations.
1) D.A.P. Diffuser – covers 50-70m˛ each vial lasts up to 4 weeks
2) D.A.P. Collar – 2 Sizes – Puppy / Small Breed and Medium / Large Breed. Lasts up to 4 weeks.
3) D.A.P. Spay – convenient formulation for intermittent use.

D.A.P Products Available

Clix Long 10M Training Lines / Leads
Clix Long 10M Dog Training Lines / Leads

The Company of Animals 10m Long Training Line is specifically designed to aid with recall training i.e. training your dog to come back when called. Combining security with freedom, allowing dog training with confidence.

The Long Line is also an ideal training tool to show controlled socialisation for puppies and young dogs.

Made from special soft, black padded webbing, the Long Training Line is available in a 10m length.

Beaphar Gentle Leader Head Collar

Beaphar Gentle Leader Dog and Puppy Head Collar.The Beaphar Gentle Leader Head Collar.

- Helps to train your dog or puppy to STOP pulling on the lead.

Dogs of all sizes pull on collars and harnesses due to a natural instinct to pull against pressure. The Gentle Leader’s unique triple action, patented design counters that instinct in 3 ways:-

1. Gentle pressure is transferred to the back of the neck, naturally stimulating a relaxation response.
2. Gentle pressure around the muzzle of the nose loop naturally gives a relaxation response.
3. It works like a halter on a horse – where the nose goes the body will follow.

4. This dog training and behaviour modification product is not a muzzle.

Gentle Leader Size Options

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