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by John on 

Hi Emma

A huge thanks for all you have done for Bran and us. You rectified  Bran's issues and we are forever grateful. You went above and beyond what we considered possible  for our rescued GSD.  We wish you all the best and Bran is looking forward to spending a couple of weeks with you in the Summer

All the very best
Grainne and John.

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Hollybarn dog and puppy training
by Antoinette keane on 

Emma made her first visit to me today and all i can say is she is a miracle worker have only had one session so far but she taught me so much in that session than i ever knew my dog needs alot of work and emma is the only dog trainer thats actually capable of working with me so that il be able to keep my dog would 100% recommend emma cause she is fantastic looking forward to the next session already.

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Doing Well
by Teresa on 

Hi Emma,

Just to let you know that "Finn" is adjusting very well and is content.

A job well done,

Thanks and a Happy New Year !

Teresa xxx

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Holiday Stay
by Marissa on 

We went away for a two week holiday, leaving our two dogs in good hands at Hollybarn. One of our dogs has diabetes and needed insulin shots, twice Daily. It was very reassuring to know they had previous veterinary nursing experience and they are professional dog trainers. They accommodated our schedule with her injections and routine. Im glad to say, we arrived home to two very happy and healthy dogs. They treated our dogs like their own and in the comfort of the Hollybarn home. I would highly recommend Hollybarn Dog and Puppy Training Ireland, as they truly care and know how to deal with dogs.

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Dog Owner
by Terry on 
Thank you Emma and Paul for the excellent care you provide our dog when we travel. Our dog is always happy to see you and is the same when he is returned. We invested in a small amount of training as well and while it was minimal the time spent with our dog made a huge difference. We are pleased we found you. You have a way with animals which makes the quality of care you provide all the more special. With Gratitude the Reillys.
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