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by Carole Craig on 

 My dog, Rosie, was so maltreated before I found her bleeding in the middle of Portobello Bridge that I've always been afraid of asking very much of her.  A visit from Emma of Hollybarn has shown me the error of my ways.  With Emma's guidance, I have discovered that Rosie actually enjoys training and since I've begun the programme that Emma suggested she is a happier and more relaxed dog.   What gave me confidence besides Emma's obvious knowledge of how Rosie's mind works what her flexibility in what we did and how we did.  I would recommend her without reservation.

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A Truly Talented & Educated Trainer
by Lesley Noctor on 

Emma, my husband and I cannot thank you enough for your knowledge, training and support. Rupert is already responding and engaging with our clear, concise and calm demands. Totally transformative for all. You are an exceptional talent.

Lesley, Aidan & Rupert

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You little genius you!!
by Patricia Cahill on 

Hi Emma!

You little genius you!! 👍🏼
Theres been a noticeable improvement with Seamus since your visit and weve been doing our best to keep it up! I couldnt remember all of the commands but youve sent all now so thats brill!

Honestly I cant thank you enough! And youre an absolute delight to meet! If ever youre in Sligo and fancy a fag and a coffee please call in!

Lots of licks and snuggles (and thats just from Paul!! 😆😆)

Trish, Paul, Anne, Bob, Toffee and especially Seamus! X

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Dog training
by Eithna Connolly on 

Got Emma out to our new puppy that was Barking all night.. weeing pooing every where😭😭 OMG THE best thing I ever done. She is a new dog. To  be honest I didn't know if we could keep her things were getting that bad. But I have to say Emma was brilliant. I have 3 kids and she explained to them as well what had to be done so we were all on the same page.  Thanks so much Emma

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Session already working.
by Orla Burns on 

Hey Emma,

Training session was brilliant...put what we learnt into practice already
with dinner time and utility gate is open...!!!

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