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Amazing Transformation
by Bernie Somers on 

We made contact with Emma regarding our German Shepherd (Jools).

He is  four and a half years old and we were having huge problems walking him. Due to illness in the family unfortunately Jools had to take a back seat and had not been walked around other people or dogs for a least two years. He was constantly lunging at everyone that approached,when we tried to walk him . Barking and growling at other dogs was the norm, so we decided we needed to get professional help. Walking him was a nightmare for both him and us.
After looking on line for someone who might be able to help us we found Hollybarn Dog Training. I spoke to Emma explaining our plight and she was confident she could help. We booked him in and drove to Westport on the agreed date. He was to stay for two weeks so needless to say we were broken hearted leaving him. Emma kept us updated with his progress and drove him back to us when the course was complete.When Jools came back he was a very different dog. Calm and confident.Way more relaxed. We couldn't believe it. We walked him together with Emma in our local doggy park and I was close to tears as I proudly walked him around children other dogs, cyclists etc.
Emma has given Jools a whole other world, not to mention the gift she has given us.
We walk him twice a day. Sit outside and have a coffee while he lies beside us.
We are forever grateful to Emma. I know she worked so very hard to bring Jools to where he is today. I cannot praise her enough. She is a true dog lover ,very professional and without doubt, an expert in her field. I would recommend her highly to anyone seeking a resolution to dog behavior problems.
Thank you Emma. You are the best.x

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Life saver
by Sinead & Tommy on 
Emma came to our house one Sunday afternoon. We have two female dogs who just did not get on. We were at our wits end. A fight always only minutes away and next to impossible to break up. One visit from Emma has changed our lives. From day 2 the improvement was unbelievable and now nearly two months later we have two happy dogs and two extremely happy humans. I can not thank or recommend Emma enough. Honestly a life saver and miracle worker
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Great help
by Corinne on 

Emma came to my house to help with my dog being fearful of strangers, and a few other issues! She was great with the kids and showed them what to do when she jumps at them. Had her walking on lead without pulling! Have lots to work with now going forward. Lots of help, highly recommend!

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by pat on 

Emma came to our house to train our rescue dog - who I had been advised by a local vet was an outdoor dog and I was the vet said (and I quote) 'you poor woman' when handed my change after the visit.  Well forget that!  Our lady was not happy, but adapted to the training - walking, recall, sit, stay - it was invaluable for both dog and humans.  We learn't real skills and dos and don'ts in an informal and friendly way.  Nothing we asked posed a problem!  Hats of to calmness personified Emma.  Without hesitation, we would highly recommend Emma for your pet problems, a gal who definitely knows her craft!!

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Dog training
by Laura on 

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