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Collie Dogs
by Antoinette McDonagh on 

Emma came to our home in Jan to "fix" our two collie mix siblings. Indeed it was the humans that needed fixing. Walking the dogs is much more fun now. Thanks Emma.

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Caesar The Rottweiller Puppy
by Maggie Roughmeen on 

We had Emma over today for a two hour session of training our Rottweiler puppy.
We would highly recommend Emma.Milo can now sit, lie and stay by command after that short time.
We just didnít know where to start with him , he was just so full of energy all the time and not really taking any heed of us.
Itís just wonderful to see how Emma has made such progress in such a short space of time.
Thank you Emma .

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Pug & British Bulldog
by Raine O Beirne on 

Emma is wonderful! As a person I found her straight up, honest, unflappable, and so so down to earth. Emma doesnít judge, she just helps.
Iíve a pug and a british bulldog, 2 impossibly stubborn breeds, that werenít getting along. I would consider myself fairly experienced with dogs but I couldnít sort this. I was at the end of my rope, Emma was my last hope and even at that I didnít hold out much hope! She arrived early and stayed until she felt finished. The dogs arenít cuddled up on the sofa together by any means, but the improvement in the situation could be seen straight away. Emma thought me skills to deal with the situation properly and Iím dedicated to following her advice to a T. Iím only on day 2 of working on my own with these monsters and already there is a massive improvement. I feel more confident and thatís having a positive effect on the training. Before Emma I was floundering. I canít recommend this lady enough and I know she will be the first and only person I call if I run into bother again. We love you Emma! Lorraine, Doug the Pug and Ronnie 😊😊😊

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Old English Sheepdog
by Ross Lawlor on 

Highly Recommend Hollybarn Dog and puppy Training Ireland. Emma was absolutely fantastic in showing me how to train my Old English Sheepdog Puppy in our own home. My puppy sits and listens to my commands instead of bouncing around everywhere. Thanks again Emma 👍.

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by John on 

Hi Emma

A huge thanks for all you have done for Bran and us. You rectified  Bran's issues and we are forever grateful. You went above and beyond what we considered possible  for our rescued GSD.  We wish you all the best and Bran is looking forward to spending a couple of weeks with you in the Summer

All the very best
Grainne and John.

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